Eileen S. Kaminsky Family Foundation

Connecting diverse voices in the art world through innovative and collaborative exhibition programs.

Mana Contemporary proudly exhibits selected works from the Kaminsky’s acclaimed private collection in two galleries located within our facility. These shows are a palpable manifestation of the artistic ingenuity and exploration at the heart of our passion for the arts. To learn more about the Eileen Kaminsky Foundation please visit their website at


Since its founding in 2003, Milk Gallery has sought to celebrate the best in contemporary fine art photography.

Past exhibits and installations have showcased fashion, lifestyle and commercial work in addition to portrait, urban and documentary projects.

Lauded both for collaborations with established artists as well as for its support of emerging talent, the Gallery prides itself on encouraging innovation and challenging traditional conceptions of the art.


The New  School For Jazz and
Contemporary Music

At Collectrium, we are passionate about developing solutions for the art community.

We want collectors to more fully enjoy their growing collections. We want art fairs to provide even better service to their exhibitors and patrons. We want galleries to have cutting-edge applications to better present their artists to the world. We want artists to have the tools to manage their own careers. Most of all, we want to bring the entire art community closer together for everyone’s benefit.